Propositions and
put out to competition

You can submit your works only through an application
email. Send a filled out REGISTRATION FORM attached to
the application e-mail. The registration form can be
downloaded HERE.

The submission deadline for applications is on October
15th 2016!

Should you intend to compete in LITERATURA (literature)
category send your text attached to your application e-

Write HORALFEST in the subject line.

Send your application e-mail to:

The postal address to submit your entries:

HIK, o.z.
Starý Smokovec
P.O.Box 29
062 01 Vysoké Tatry

Should you have any questions:


The maximum of 3 individual photos, or 5 in case of a series.

You may submit photographs in print (the minimal size allowed is 24 x 30 cm) to the address of HIK, o.z. You may alternatively upload your photographs to any online photograph storage or a web site. The links your photographs must be included in the application e-mail.

Should the jury choose your entries, you will be eligible to put your photographs on display upon request at the festival. Also, you should submit printed photographs (the minimal size of 24 x 30 cm) upon request and send such photographs in their original resolution in JPG format. These will be used for a presentation at the festival.

Printed photographs as well as photographs in JPG format are not allowed to have a frame, water marks, a graphic mark, or a signature to be imprinted on them. The jury will not assess such photographs!

main topics:
1. nature and mountain landscape
2. unusual panorama
3. a man in the mountains

- Tibor Škandík
- Pavol Breier
- Alexander Vojček

B. Film
You can submit 1 film, the maximum running time allowed is 20 minutes
An expert sponsor is allowed to choose one or more samples of the movie to be included in a presentation at the festival.

You may submit your film on a CD/DVD by sending it to
HIK, o.z., or you may upload your movie to The link must be included in the application e-mail.

You must send your film on a CD/DVD to HIK, o.z., if the expert jury choose you to compete and to include your film on the schedule of the festival.

A film must be submitted at least in HD / PAL resolution and in DVD, AVI or MPG format.

main topics:
1. nature and mountain landscape
2. outdoor activities in the mountains

- Rasťo Hatiar
- Ivo Brachtl
- Palo Pekarčík

C. Literature
You may submit no more than 2 entries of any literature genre no longer than 10.000 characters (with spaces).

Please send your entries in RTF, PDF, DOC or DOCX formats attached to the application e-mail.

main topics:
1. the magic of the mountains and mountain landscape
2. a story of a man in the mountains

- Rastislav Kendera
- Silvester Lavrík
- Eliška Sadíleková


Three prizes will be awarded in each category.
The authors of the awarded entries will receive a prize, a certificate of winning, or a certificate of merit. The judges and the board of the Horalfest festival may award a certificate of winning which would include a prize.
The jury reserves the right to not to recognize the ranking of an entry or to award a prize.

Ružomberok Mayor’s award
is a special prize awarded by the mayor to the best entry representing mountain landscape of Ružomberok town or its immediate surroundings..


A theme of every entry must be unambiguously inspired by mountain landscape.

Publishing or selling of your work related to the categories of the competition may not be the main source of income.

You are not a student at VSMU or an academic working in the field of the categories of the contest.

The Horalfest contest organizers require personal participation of an awarded author at te colloquium and at the award ceremony.

By submitting an entry you agree with its usage in promotion materials of the HORALFEST event in the future.

You renounce any claims for having your entries send back to you. Works are going to be placed at HIK, o.z. archive.
Autor sa vzdáva nároku na spätné zaslanie diel. Diela budú umiestnené v archíve HIK, o.z.
hory.skfoto.hory.skkamera.hory.skmountain photomarathonalpenverein HIK